Trade Organizations

Trade organizations around the world provide an alternate way to get an international project. Many national business organizations and chambers of commerce in developing countries have funding to support technical assistance projects for their members companies.

This approach is more challanging than using a field organization, but this approach can be an alternative avenue of projects.

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce. Ethiopia National Chamber of Commerce.

Barbados IDC. Supports technical assistance projects for companies based in Barbados.

Chamber Find. A comprehensive web-based resource for finding worldwide chambers of commerce.

Ghana National Chamber of Commerce. Ghana National Chamber of Commerce.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Kenya National Chamber of Commerce.

Korea Trade Center. One of the Korea Trade Center websites. See their Links page for the list of worldwide Korea Trade Center offices.

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). Supports technical assistance projects for companies based in Namibia.

Unganda Home Pages Limited. Uganda National Chamber of Commerce.


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