Field Organizations

These organizations are the primary resources for people interested in international projects, whether on a consulting, pro-bono, or volunteer basis.

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Name Description
ACDI / VOCA A private, nonprofit organization that promotes broad-based economic growth and the development of civil society in emerging democracies and developing countries. Offering a comprehensive range of technical assistance services, ACDI/VOCA addresses the most pressing and intractable development problems.
AIESEC AIESEC facilitates international projects for thousands of students and recent graduates each year.
ARD, Inc. ARD, Inc. is a privately owned firm that offers consulting services in the United States, developing and transition countries.
Agrisystems Agrisystems provides consultancy and technical assistance services at enterprise, project, programme and sector level. Over the last fifteen years, they have completed over 635 consultancy and technical assistance assignments in 121 countries for clients including national governments, bilateral, regional and multilateral donors, NGO's and private institutions as well as the commercial sector.
Agrotec SpA Agrotec is an Italy-based consulting organization that undertakes studies, detailed designs, technical assistance and the management and monitoring of rural development projects and programmes. It is frequently involved in the process of privatizing the agricultural and related sectors, which is now taking place in countries whose economies were formally controlled at the central level.
Amerispan Spanish and Portuguese immersion programs in Latin America coupled with volunteer experience. We offer volunteer opportunities in the following fields: Healthcare, Environmental, Social Work, Education, Professional Internships.
Amigos de las Américas Amigos de las Américas organizes service-focused trips to Latin America. Planned projects for 2002 will be in Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.
Amizade A non-profit field organization that organizes alternative travel programs for groups and individuals that are a mix of community service and recreation. Projects are in Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Nepal, and Thailand, and in West Virginia, the Navajo Nation, Arizona, and the Greater Yellowstone Region in the USA.
ArtCorps Artists assist the host organization to communicate their message using the artist's particular art form. All types of art can be used - visual, performing, musical, etc.
Callund Consulting Callund Consulting is a firm of economists, actuaries, and public sector specialists providing dedicated advice to governments and industry internationally on pensions, social security and health reform. They undertake broad ranging projects, from policy development through to implementation, and frequently sub-contract a variety experienced consultants with policy, hands-on and local expertise which complements their own.
Canada World Youth Places young Canadian citizens in 2 week to 8 month service projects in Canada and countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe.
Carana CARANA is a large international management consulting company providing services to private firms, governments, and international agencies. Our areas of expertise include: privatization, development of finance and financial markets, international accounting, strategic business planning, investment and export promotion, institutional development, and management information systems.
Care Corps CARE Corps is a cultural exchange program for people interested in volunteering in the Andes Mountains in Peru. CareCorps work in conjunction with Cross Cultural Solutions. Volunteers usually work Monday through Friday, with weekends for travel within Peru.
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (CNVS) A clearinghouse organization for many projects around the world, primarily for Catholic or Christian advisors and volunteers.
Central and Eastern European Law Initiative (CEELI) A public service project of the American Bar Association (ABA), administered by IIE. It is designed to advance the rule of law in the world by supporting the law reform process underway in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Through various programs, CEELI makes available pro bono U.S. legal expertise and assistance to emerging democracies that are in the process of modifying or restructuring their laws or legal systems.
Chemonics Chemonics is a large U.S. consulting firm with extensive experience in developing and emerging-market countries.
Citizens Development Corps CDC provides one-on-one management and technical assistance to the SME sector of developing countries. CDC's programs draw advisors from the top ranks of American business.
The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA) The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, Inc (CNFA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to stimulating economic growth in emerging and developing world markets. CNFA takes a multi-faceted approach to promoting agricultural development in developing countries from training farmers and members of farmers organizations at the grass-roots level to facilitating joint ventures between American and foreign agribusinesses.
Cross-Cultural Solutions Cross-Cultural Solutions organizes community service programs in Ghana, India, Peru, Russia, and China.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Doctors Without Borders delivers emergency aid to victims of armed conflict, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters, as well as to areas which lack health care due to social or geographical isolation.
Doctors of the World Doctors of the World offers opportunities for health professionals for short-term and long-term assignments. A member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Earthwatch Institute Earthwatch Institute recruits members of the public to help university scientists with their scientific or cultural field research projects worldwide.
EcoVolunteer Ecovolunteer offers opportunities for hands-on participation in wildlife research and nature conservation projects worldwide; all projects are operated by local conservation organisations.
Explorations In Travel (EiT) Explorations in Travel provides volunteer work placements for students and adults from all over the world. People looking to spend an extended amount of time in an area, working on a foreign language, developing or using skills that will help in future employment, or who just want a new, challenging experience, will find a volunteer placement an invaluable opportunity. Structured language classes can be incorporated into a placement.
Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) FSVC places experienced advisors in the financial sector in short technical assistance projects in Eastern Europe.
Floresta Floresta is based in San Diego and partners with local non-governmental organizations in third world countries to address the problems associated with deforestation and poverty. Floresta does this through holistic community development that provides:
- training in innovative agriculture/sustainable forestry - micro-credit - marketing assistance - Christian discipleship - strategic partnerships
The Frontiers Foundation Places individuals in long-term service projects in Canada and Bolivia.
The Fulbright Program A fellowship program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by IIE.
Geekcorps Geekcorps is a field organization which works to bridge the "Digital Divide" by sending volunteers from the high-tech industry to work with small host-country-owned businesses and organizations to incorporate information technology in their operation. Now a division of IESC, Geekcorps operates its own programs.
Giatri Tou Kosmou-Chypre The Cypriot member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Giatri Tou Kosmou-Elláda The Greek member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Global Exchange / Reality Tours The Global Exchange Reality Tours program provides people from the U.S. with an understanding of a country's internal dynamics through socially responsible travel.
Global Service Corps (GSC) Global Service Corps (GSC) provides cross-cultural learning and community service adventures for adults. Student internships are also available.
Global Village Engineers A field organization that focuses on engineering projects in Central America.
Global Volunteers Global Volunteers is a nonprofit, nonsectarian international voluntary service organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Founded in 1984, Global Volunteers strives to wage peace throughout the world by helping to establish mutual understanding between people of diverse cultures by facilitating volunteer community service programs. Global Volunteers is a NGO (non-governmental organization) in Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Each year Global Volunteers coordinates more than 150 teams of volunteers who assist short-term human and economic development projects. Service-learning programs are led by Global Volunteers team leaders to China, the Cook Islands, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana, India, Romania, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Mexico, Jamaica, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, and the United States.
HFHI / Global Village Program A program of Habitat for Humanity, the Global Village Program organizes international trips which involve participants in a combination of cultural immersion and building homes.
HFHI / International Partners Program A program of Habitat for Humanity, the International Partners Program places pro-bono advisors around the world to support the Habitat mission. These International Partners (IPs) consult, train, and guide local leaders in other countries. IPs may assist with developing new programs, planning special events or the administration of programs. Their roles may include resource developer, trainer, national coordinator, finance associate or affiliate developer.
IAL Sweden The Service Civil International affiliate in Sweden.
ICA - Japan A member of the network of Institute for Cultural Affairs affiliates. Dispatches Japanese technical advisors and sponsors international study tours in developing countries worldwide.
ICA - Netherlands A member of the network of Institute for Cultural Affairs affiliates. Places individuals mostly from the Netherlands in long-term development projects in developing countries worldwide.
ICYE Federation An international Federation of National Committees promoting youth mobility, international understanding and global education through long-term (six to 12 months) voluntary service exchange programs.
ID Norway The Service Civil International affiliate in Norway.
IVP Australia (IVP) IVP is the Australian contact for Service Civil International (SCI). IVP is a local community group, with an international perspective, having contact branches in 50 countries world wide. IVP focuses on organising work camps around worthwhile community needs and causes, for which they recruit participants from the rest of the world (via their network). IVP activities are meant to encourage understanding amongst different peoples and promote discussion and an appreciation of problems different communities face in their struggles for social justice and environmental harmony.
IVS Great Britain / Northern England The Service Civil International affiliate in Northern England.
IVS Great Britain / Scotland The Service Civil International affiliate in Scotland.
IVS Great Britain / Southern England The Service Civil International affiliate in Southern England.
IVS Northern Ireland (IVS-NI) The Service Civil International affiliate in Northern Ireland.
Institute for International Education Administrator of over 250 programs of behalf on US government agencies, foundations, corporations, and development assistance agencies in the U.S. and abroad.
International Executive Service Corps (IESC) A large field organization which undertakes field projects in diverse areas worldwide.
The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) IFES provides professional advice and technical assistance in promoting democracy and serves as an information clearinghouse on elections, rule of law, governance, and civil society.
The International Youth Exchange Program (IYEP) Provides leadership and personal development opportunities for young Australians.
Involvement Volunteers Association (IVI) IVI provides low-cost volunteer opportunities for people wanting to travel outside their home country. With Networked International Volunteering, a program of several placements in several countries can be coordinated. Associates in these countries provide local support where possible. Opportunities are available in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, England, Fiji, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, New Zealand, Poland, Sabah (Malaysia), Samoa, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, Venezuela and Zambia.
KVT Finland The Service Civil International affiliate in Finland.
Läkare y Varlder-Sverige The Swedish member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Land O'Lakes An arm of the Land O'Lakes corporation which organizes technical development projects primarily in the agriculture field.
Lay Mission-Helpers Association (LMH) A Catholic community of lay people (single men and women and married couples) who engage in long-term projects in Africa, Australia-Oceania, and Central America. Associated with Mission Doctors Association.
Médecins du Monde-Belgique The Belgian member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Médecins du Monde-Canada The Canadian member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Médecins du Monde-France The French member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Médecins du Monde-Suisse (MDM Suisse) The Swiss member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Médicos del Mundo-Argentina The Argentinian member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
MBA Enterprise Corps MBA Enterprise Corps places recent MBA graduates of participating schools in 12-month positions in private companies in developing countries. Approximately 520 Corps members have provided assistance in all aspects of management and technology transfer in 21 countries.
MOST-SCI Slovenia The Service Civil International affiliate in Slovenia.
Medical Ministry International (MMI) MMI is a large short-term, volunteer, Christian medical mission with more than 3000 participants annually. Over 1500 are from the USA and Canada. They are interdenominational, serving the poor who have little or no access to medical care.
Medici del Mondo-Italia The Italian member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Medico do Mundo-Portugal The Portugese member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Medicos del Mundo-Espaòa The Spanish member of the Médecins Du Monde network of organizations.
Mercy Ships Operates a fleet of three ships that provide relief and development services to developing countries around the world. An all-volunteer crew of 500 people representing 35 nationalities has provided mobile medical and dental teams, surgeries, and various construction, agriculture, and water projects that support education and development. Mercy Ships’ three vessels have operated in South and Central America, the Caribbean Basin, west Africa, and the Pacific Basin. The flagship, M/V Anastasis, is the largest private hospital ship in the world. Mercy Ship’s is affiliated with Youth With a Mission.
Mission Doctors Association (MDA) Places volunteers in Mission Hospitals in Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Guatemala. Associated with the Lay Mission-Helpers Association.
Mobility International USA (MIUSA) MIUSA's international exchange program specializes in leadership training, community service, cross-cultural experiential learning and advocacy for the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Additionally, MIUSA manages the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE), a project that promotes the involvement of people with disabilities in all types of international exchange programs. NCDE provides personalized information and referrals to individuals with disabilities. NCDE also consults with exchange programs to assist them in including people with disabilities in their programs.
NetCorps NetCorps specializes in internships for Canadian citizens. Most projects are in technology areas. Recent internships have been available in Costa Rica, Jamacia, Tunisia, Russia, and the Ukraine.
New Group Belarus The Service Civil International affiliate in Belarus.
OWA Poland The Service Civil International affiliate in Poland
The Oceanic Society The Oceanic Society Research Expeditions Program organizes projects which allow volunteers to contribute to scientific research and conservation of marine wildlife.
Operation Crossroads Africa Operation Crossroads Africa promotes cross-cultural sharing and understanding through service programs in Africa and Brazil.
Operation USA An international relief and development agency specializing in medical and disaster relief and long-term recovery. Projects in 82 countries, all of which are privately funded.
Partners of the Americas Partners of the Americas links a state or region of the U.S. with an area in Latin America or the Caribbean. For example, Peru is partnered with Texas and Kansas with Paraguay. Peruvian volunteers work directly with their counterpart chapter in Texas to design and carry out training and development projects. Each side of a partnership -- the U.S. chapter and the Latin chapter -- is organized as a private, nonprofit institution in its respective community with by-laws and regularly elected and rotated officers.
Peace Brigades International (PBI) Places individuals in long-term peace-oriented service projects around the world.
Peace Corps The Peace Corps, a federal government agency established in 1961, sends volunteers on two-year assignments in 76 developing countries around the world.
Project Concern International (PCI) Project Concern is an international health organization that saves the lives of children by preventing disease and by providing access to clean water and nutritious food. PCI serves eleven countires on five continents, reaching over 3 million people annually.
Project Otzma Project Otzma is a ten-month volunteer program in Israel designed for recent college graduates (ages 20-25) and gives participants an opportunity to live and work in a variety of settings throughout Israel.
Religious Youth Services (RYS) Places individuals on service projects around the world.
SCI Austria The Service Civil International affiliate in Austria.
SCI Bangladesh The Service Civil International affiliate in Bangladesh.
SCI Belgium The Service Civil International affiliate in Belgium.
SCI Catalunya The Service Civil International affiliate in Catalunya, Spain.
SCI Denmark The Service Civil International affiliate in Denmark.
SCI France The Service Civil International affiliate in France.
SCI Germany The Service Civil International affiliate in Germany.
SCI Hellas The Service Civil International affiliate in Greece.
SCI India The Service Civil International affiliate in India.
SCI International Voluntary Service The Service Civil International affiliate in the US.
SCI Italy The Service Civil International affiliate in Italy.
SCI Japan The Service Civil International affiliate in Japan.
SCI Malaysia The Service Civil International affiliate in Malaysia
SCI Nepal The Service Civil International affiliate in Nepal.
SCI Pakistan The Service Civil International affiliate in Pakistan.
SCI Romania The Service Civil International affiliate in Romania.
SCI South Korea The Service Civil International affiliate in South Korea.
SCI Sri Lanka The Service Civil International affiliate in Sri Lanka.
SCI Switzerland The Service Civil International affiliate in Switzerland.
SCI-SIV Madrid The Service Civil International affiliate in Madrid, Spain.
Service Civil International (SCI) Service Civil International (SCI) is a voluntary service organization with 33 branches and groups worldwide. SCI focuses on international exchange and cultural awareness programs.
Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT) A small field organization that organizes school programs for teachers in Romania and India.
UTILAPU Hungary The Service Civil International affiliate in Hungary.
UniStar Volunteer arm of the United Nations, providing International Short-Term Advisory Resources.
United Children's Fund UCF is oriented to relieving child suffering. Their primary efforts are currently in Africa.
Visions In Action Visions in Action offers 6 and 12 month volunteer positions in five African countries and Mexico.
Visions Service Adventures Visions operates month long community service summer programs for teens in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Australia. Up to 25 teens (age 14-18) and 6 staff (age 22+) live and work in native communities. Non-work days are spent exploring the environment and learning about another culture.
Voluntary International Action Netherlands (VIA-NL) VIA-NL provides international voluntary projects, "workcamps", in the Netherlands. It also sends Dutch volunteers to workcamps and longer term projects abroad (all over the world, from America to Asia). VIA is the Dutch branch of the Service Civil International.
Voluntary Service International (VSI) The Service Civil International affiliate in Ireland.
Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) A UK-based organization that places thousands of advisors on all continents.
Volunteers for Peace (VFP) A clearinghouse for 2-3 week service-oriented workcamps around the world.
Volunteers in Asia (VIA) The focus is on teaching English in Asian countries, particularly Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Laos.
Winrock International A large field organization which undertakes field projects in diverse areas worldwide. Winrock's Volunteer Technical Assistance program implements projects using skilled pro-bono advisors.
WorldTeach WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based at the Center for International Development at Harvard University. WorldTeach provides opportunities for individuals interested in international education by placing them as volunteer teachers in Costa Rica, Ecuador, China, Honduras, and Namibia.
Youth Challenge Australia The Australian member of the Youth Challenge International organization.
Youth Challenge International (YCI) The Canadian member of the Youth Challenge International organization.
Youth Volunteers Programme A organization based in Finland that focuses on social work service projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Youth With A Mission An international Christian ministry, with about 12,000 volunteer staff (and thousands more affiliated workers) based in over 700 locations in over 135 countries.


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