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Photo Credits

Except as noted here, all photos on this web site are by Vera Shanov or Clint Goss.

General Photo Credits

Many of the world maps on this site are provided courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. Visit the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. This note does not apply to the clickable maps - see World Regions below.

Photo Credits on Specific Pages

Welcome Page

Top left: Taj Mahal - Agra, India - April 2000.
Temple - Bangkok, Thailand - April 2000.
Giraffe - Etosha, Namibia - April 2001.

Top right: (left to right) Ray Jubitz, Zimbabwe IESC Country Director; Clint Goss; Vera Shanov; D. D. ??, client; Hubert Mashaire, client; (seated) Florence Mashaire, client - Harare, Zimbabwe - July 1998.
(left to right) Clint Goss; Masahiro Inoue; Yasuhisa Tanabe; Shu Hasumi - Tokyo, Japan - August 1999.
(left to right) Krity Paul; Ashwin Menezes; Biswajit Mandal; Dipendra Mookherjee - (standing) Vera Shanov - Calcutta, India - February 2000.

Bottom left: Pasta production - Harare, Zimbabwe - June 1998.
Egg delivery - Harare, Zimbabwe - June 1998.
Textile production - New Delhi, India - March 2000.

Bottom right: Thai dancer - Bangkok, Thailand - April 2000.
Indian version of the “Marlboro Man” - Agra, India - March 2000.
African dance - Harare, Zimbabwe - June 1998.

Getting Started

Civil Governance Seminar in Kenya, photo by V. Roberts, provided courtesy of the United Nations Development Program. UNDP helps governments build their own national capacity to reduce poverty. That inlcudes promoting good governance by training civil servants, like these in Kenya, in modern management techniques.

Volunteer in East Africa, GSC East Africa program participant visiting with a local women's group. This photo was provided courtesy of the Global Service Corps.

Financial Issues

Farmer-to-farmer assistance, photo provided courtesy of the Winrock International. The Farmer-to-Farmer Program provides voluntary technical assistance, on a people-to-people basis, to farmers, farm groups, agrigultural education institutions, and agribusinesses to enhance the potential for substantial increases in food processing, production, and marketing. This stiumlates private enterprise and democratic institutions.


Aquaculture in Viet Nam, photo by J. Schytte, provided courtesy of the United Nations Development Program. UNDP trained Hoang Thi Mai in aquaculture and helped her start a new fish pond. She is now able to add protein to the family diet and earn some additional income by selling fish. Lai Chau province, Viet Nam.

World Regions

The clickable world maps and boundary area data are provided courtesy of the copyright holder Flags of the World.

The maps were done by Mark Sensen, based on material from Virtual Tourist and boundary data by Guiseppe Bottasini.

This also applies for all the regional pages: Africa Region, Antarctic Region, Asia Region, Australia-Oceania Region, Caribbean Region, Central America Region, Eastern Europe Region, Middle East Region, North America Region, South America Region, Southeast Asia Region, and Western Europe Region.

Project Preparation Guide

MSI Photo, photo provided courtesy of Management Systems International.

Is This Project For Me?

Craig Murphy in Kenya, photo provided courtesy of the Go Make A Difference. Craig is Assistant Director of Go M.A.D. and is currently teaching English in Japan. Visit the Go M.A.D. Staff Page and share his experiences on a project in Cambodia.

Pre-Trip Health

Holstein Breeding in Cameroon, photo provided courtesy of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. University of Minnesota graduate Lawrence Shang discusses a Holstein crossbreed with Fulani herder Adamu Isa Sheni. The Fulani people of the Northwest Province of Cameroon, West Africa, were trained in artifical insemination in a program sponsored by Land O'Lakes.

Religious Etiquette

Buddha Atop Lantau Island, photo by Larry Marotta. Lantau island is in Hong Kong, now part of China.

Working on the Project

Nigeria Union of Fishermen, photo by advisors Mary and Bob Albrecht, 2000.

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