Materials Sources

This page lists potential sources of materials and supplies.

Gifts in Kind International. The Gifts In Kind International network of over 300 affiliates gain instant access to more than $600 million in products and services such as office equipment and supplies, technology products and services, educational materials and sports equipment, building materials, emergency relief products, and a range of other products and services that help improve communities.

National Cristina Foundation. NCF encourages corporations and individuals to donate surplus and used computers, software, peripherals and related business technology. NCF directs those donations to training and educational organizations. All the organizations are pre-screened and qualified grassroots partners of NCF.

Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT). RAFT provides thousands of teachers and community groups with a wide range of interactive learning materials, enhancing math, science, technology and art programs. Materials are surplus items donated by over 1,000 local businesses and range from cardboard tubes to computers.


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