Internet-based Volunteering

This page lists organizations and resources for volunteering on the Internet. These projects allow you to provide assistance remotely, via E-Mail, and using web-based resources.

IESC Solutions. An independent business unit of The International Executive Service Corps (IESC).

NetAid. Opportunities for online volunteers to help organizations outside the U.S., via a home or work computer and the Internet. Most organizations focus on helping communities, usually in third world countries, experiencing extreme poverty.

UNITeS. UNITeS is a new global volunteer initiative that allows volunteers from any country to give their skills and time to extend the opportunities of the digital revolution to developing countries. Volunteers under the UNITeS umbrella work directly with people and institutions in developing countries to build their capacity on the applications of information and communications technologies (ICT) to human development. Online volunteers will be part of the UNITeS community as well, supporting on-site volunteers and those they serve.

The Virtual Volunteer Project. Extensive, comprehensive resources to help agencies involve volunteers via the Internet. Includes materials to help service leaders use the Internet to work with and better serve both online and onsite volunteers.

Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA). VITA maintains a List server where volunteers see requests for assistance from clients. Volunteers can respond and then provide help via E-Mail directly with the client.
VITA also has a huge database of on-line text-based manuals on low-tech how-to topics written by US volunteers.


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