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Criteria for Organizations

This page outlines the list of criteria that we use when considering an organization or web-based resource for inclusion on one of our lists. Note that this list is not absolute, and that we reserve the right of inclusion or exclusion for any reason.

If you are a member of an organization that is not yet listed, and you feel that you meet these criteria and wish to be added to our list, please Click Here.

Field Organizations

These organizations must:

  1. execute field projects on a routine basis to provide technical assistance, and
  2. make use of advisors on a short-term, non-staff basis on those projects
The field organization can use any of a number of financial arrangements for their advisors, including paid consultants, pro-bono advisors, and volunteers.
This group includes International Consulting Firms, which specialize in large field projects typically using paid consultants.

Fundraising Resources

To be included in this list, an organization must:

  1. provide grants to individuals or small groups for the purpose of engaging in an field project.
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