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Description of Industry Fields

Agriculture Farming, Livestock, Processing, Fisheries, Fruits and Vegetables, Harvesting, Irrigation, Pest Control, Dairy, Organic Farming, Beekeeping, etc.
Artist Artist, Graphic Arts (not specific to computers), etc.
Business Management, Marketing, Advertising, Management Consulting, Corporate Governance, etc.
Communications Radio, Television, Newspapers, Journalism, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Speechwriting, Website Content Writer, etc.
Education Teaching, School Administration, Educational Materials, etc.
Engineering Engineering, Construction, etc.
Environment Conservation, Forestry, Recycling, Waste Management, Land Management, Water Management, etc.
Financial Accounting, Analysis, Audit, Banking, Credit Unions, Economics, Insurance, Investment, Real Estate, etc.
Government Politics, Civil Service, Elections, Rule of Law, Civil Governance, etc.
Health Care Provider Doctor, Nurse, Anesthesiologist, Homeopath, Chiropractor, etc.
Legal Lawyer, Paralegal, Judge
Manufacturing and Production Apparel, Furniture, Metals, Paper Products, Wood, Plastics, Textiles, etc.
Service Sector Wholesale, Retail, Food Service, Health Services (lab technician, medical device specialist, hospital administration, etc.), Hospitality, Tourism, etc.
Technical Architecture, Automotive, Graphic Arts for Computers, Librarian, Printing, Repair Technician, Transportation, Utilities, Technical Writing (manuals), etc.
Technology - Computers Software Development, Hardware, Computer and Software Application Education, etc.
Technology - non-Computer Electronics, Energy, Public Services, Telecommunications, etc.
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