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  Getting Started

  Financial Issues

  Key Questions



  Matching Service

  Description of Industry Fields


  Field Organizations


  Overseas Career and Job Resources

  Charitable Organizations

  Direct Volunteering

  Fundraising Resources

  Internship Opportunities

  Internet-based Volunteering

  Local Volunteering

  Materials Sources

  Trade Organizations

  Criteria for Organizations

  New Organization

  Project Gallery

  Submitting Stories

  Posting Graphics



  Low Hanging Fruit

  Could a Veteran Executive Save Your Company?

  A Volunteer's Experience at Baan Unrak

  Dairy Industry Emerges in Cameroon with Help from Minnesota


  Civil Governance Seminar in Kenya

  Volunteer in East Africa

  Farmer-to-Farmer Assistance

  Child Street Performers in India

  Zimbabwe accomodations

  Zimbabwe Surgery

  An Internet Cafe in Calcutta

  The Golden Palace in Japan


  MSI Classroom

  Craig Murphy in Kenya

  The village of Sam, India

  Zimbabwe Elephant

  Buddha Atop Langau Island

  Holstein Breeding in Cameroon

  Nigeria Union of Fishermen


  Country Guide

  World Regions

  Africa Region

  Antarctic Region

  Asia Region

  Australia-Oceania Region

  Caribbean Region

  Central America Region

  Eastern Europe Region

  Middle East Region

  North America Region

  South America Region

  Southeast Asia Region

  Western Europe Region

  Country Listing Alphabetically

  Country Listing by Region

  Standard Time Zones of the World

  Information Field Notes

  Information Fields

  Geographic Places

  Geographic Places - A

  Geographic Places - B

  Geographic Places - C

  Geographic Places - D

  Geographic Places - E

  Geographic Places - F

  Geographic Places - G

  Geographic Places - H

  Geographic Places - I

  Geographic Places - J

  Geographic Places - K

  Geographic Places - L

  Geographic Places - M

  Geographic Places - N

  Geographic Places - O

  Geographic Places - P

  Geographic Places - Q

  Geographic Places - R

  Geographic Places - S

  Geographic Places - T

  Geographic Places - U

  Geographic Places - V

  Geographic Places - W

  Geographic Places - Y

  Geographic Places - Z

  Project Preparation Guide


  Is This Project for Me?

  Fundraising Strategies

  Grant Proposals

  Pre-Trip Health

  What to Pack

  The Home Front

  Pre-Trip Checklist

  Religious Etiquette

  Living Abroad


  Health on the Project

  Safety on the Project

  Business Plans

  Working on the Project

  Other Resources

  Conversion Factors

  Major International Environmental Agreements


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