International Opportunities maintains master lists of organizations that are useful to advisors and volunteers.

The central list for this web site is the List of Field Organizations that recruit advisors and volunteers for international projects. These organizations oversee the project, confirm the specifics of the project and your qualifications, handle travel arrangements, and employ local staff to assist you on-site.

We also maintain these other lists of organizations and resources. Click on the title to see the list:

Associations Industry associations whose members are field organizations and other organizations which may be of interest to advisors and volunteers.
Career and Job Resources A list of organizations and web-based resources for people seeking employment opportunities or a career overseas.
Charitable Organizations A list of charitable organizations and web-based resources for charitable giving.
Direct Volunteering Organizations whose goal is to connect advisors and volunteers directly with organizations in developing countries that are requesting assistance.
Fundraising Resources Resources for raising funds for a volunteer project.
Internship Opportunities Sources for locating student internships.
Internet-based Volunteering Organizations and resources for “virtual volunteering” on the Internet. These projects allow you to provide assistance remotely, via E-Mail and by using web-based resources.
Local Volunteering If you want to volunteer within your own country or local area, these resources are a good starting point.
Materials Sources This page lists potential sources of materials and supplies.
Trade Organizations A list of some national business organizations and Chambers of Commerce in developing countries. Many have funding to support technical assistance projects for their member companies.

The organizations and resources in each of our lists fit a set of Listing Criteria. If you wish to add a new organization to our database, Click Here.

Please note that listing of an organization or resource in any of the lists on this site does not imply endorsement of any kind. While we believe the information to be accurate at the time it was obtained, we do not audit or verify the information and are not responsible for outdated or incorrect information.

If you feel that information about a particular field organization is not correct, please visit the profile page for that organization and then request an update from that page. If you have any other information that you feel needs updating or deleting, please inform us.


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