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This page lists assocations of field organizations and other organizations which may be of interest to advisors and volunteers. These associations may have member organizations not yet listed on this web site.

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations represents national organizations running international voluntary service projects. Each organization promotes community development, intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. The common aim of all international workcamps is to provide a resource and support to local communities, at the same time giving individuals from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to meet others and live an intercultural experience.

Association of Voluntary Service Organizations (AVSO). An international non-governmental organization whose members organizations place European Union residents in longer-term positions up to 18 months. Most projects are within the European Union itself. The sponsoring organization pays all costs and a stipend is inlcuded.

British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND). BOND is a network of more than 250 UK based voluntary organisations working in international development and development education.

CSIET. CSIET is a standards body for over 60 international youth travel and exchange organizations. Each organization's listing includes: countries served, brief program descriptions, cost estimates, financial aid opportunities, and complete contact information.

Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). ICA is an informal federation of national organizations in countries on every continent. Each organization is autonomous, running their own programs and coordinating resources with other ICA organizations. Some organizations have volunteer opportunities from time to time, while others maintain active international technical development projects.

InterAction. Interaction is an organization of US-based Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) engaging in relief, development, environmental, and refugee support activities around the world.

International Association of Médecins Du Monde (MDM). The Médecins du Monde (MDM) International network is comprised of twelve delegations around the world, whose aim is to provide the world's most vulnerable populations with medical assistance. Each delegation is responsible for raising its own funds, establishing its own programs and deploying its own personnel. The delegations share information and experience and develop general policy guidelines at periodic international meetings. The delegations also cooperate on a project-specific basis.

International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA). An international network of NGOs, composed of human rights, humanitarian, and development NGOs, that works to bring field-based perspectives to various international forums. Over the last few years, ICVA has been focusing its information exchange and advocacy efforts primarily on humanitarian and refugee issues. ICVA's activities, based upon the needs of its member organisations, are facilitated by a small Secretariat based in Versoix, Switzerland. (ICVA is a non-operational organisation.)

The International Medical Volunteers Association (IMVA). Serves as a clearinghouse of medical service projects around the world for long and short term projects. Most projects are in developing countries. There are no fees for the referral service.

IMVA does not send or sponsor volunteers themselves. They assist volunteer-seeking organizations and provide educational materials.

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