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We encourage links to our web site, and many people have asked for a logo to use as a link anchor. To ensure proper usage of our logo, we've presented several of them below for use in linking to our pages. All we ask is that you agree to follow a few simple rules when using our linking logos. If you have any questions, or have a proposed use that is not in strict conformance with these policies, please contact us at

  1. The logo shown below may only be used as a link to the International Opportunities homepage ( and for no other purpose. It may not link to other pages on your Web site, or to a third party Web site. You may not give the logo to anyone else.
  2. You agree and acknowledge that this is not a “trademark license” by which you are in any way using the logo to indicate origin of any product or service you offer.
  3. You agree not to alter the logo in any manner, including proportions, colors, elements, etc., or animate, morph or otherwise distort its perspective or two-dimensional appearance.
  4. You agree not to use the logo on any site that disparages International Opportunities or its products or services, infringes on International Opportunities intellectual property or other rights, or violates any state, federal or international law. Your use of the logo must be truthful and not misleading. You agree not to use the logo to imply any relationship with, or endorsement or sponsorship by International Opportunities that is not true.
  5. You agree not to display the logo in a manner which displays it in a negative light, disparages it, or uses it in connection with immoral materials or any other way that detracts from the good taste and family values represented by International Opportunities.
  6. You agree not to use the logo as a predominant feature on your Web site. This means (at a minimum) that it must appear smaller than your Web page title and your company logo, it may not be displayed larger or more prominently than other company logos on your page, and it should not appear at the top of the page, but rather at the bottom, along the sides, or in some location less prominent than the top.
  7. You agree to display the logo by itself. You agree not to use the logo as a feature or design element of any other logo or any other name or trademark. However, subject to these conditions of use, other company logos may appear on the same Web page.
  8. International Opportunities reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of the logo on your Web page (size, surrounding text, etc.) to ensure that it complies with these policies.
  9. This Agreement applies only to Web pages, and not to other uses, such as documentation, product packaging, or other advertising or marketing materials.
  10. You agree and acknowledge International Opportunities's rights in the logo and agree not to adopt, use, register, or attempt to register anywhere in the world any logo or trademark confusingly similar to the logo. You agree that you will not at any time do or cause to be done, or fail to do or cause to be done, any act or thing, directly or indirectly, contesting or in any way impairing International Opportunities's right, title or interest in the logo. You agree that use of the logo shall inure to the benefit of International Opportunities. If you happen to obtain rights in the logo, you agree to give such rights back to International Opportunities.
  12. International Opportunities reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify or terminate permission to use the logo at any time. International Opportunities reserves the right to take action against any use that does not conform with the terms of this Agreement, infringes any International Opportunities intellectual property or other right, or violates other applicable law.

Logo Background Size in pixels (HxW) Size in inches at 85dpi (HxW) File size (bytes) Notes
Blue 52 x 81 0.61" x 0.95" 2,483  
Blue 78 x 122 0.92" x 1.44" 3,872  
Blue 104 x 162 1.22" x 1.91" 5,382  
Blue 130 x 203 1.53" x 2.39" 6,892  
Blue 156 x 244 1.84" x 2.87" 8,413  
Blue 34 x 81 0.40" x 0.95" 1,942  
Blue 51 x 122 0.60" x 1.44" 2,829  
Blue 68 x 162 0.80" x 1.91" 3,878  
Blue 85 x 203 1.00" x 2.39" 4,843  
Blue 103 x 244 1.21" x 2.87" 5,832  
Transparent 37 x 84 0.44" x 0.99" 2,053  
Transparent 56 x 127 0.66" x 1.49" 3,143  
Transparent 75 x 169 0.88" x 1.99" 4,222  
Transparent 94 x 212 1.11" x 2.49" 5,345  
Transparent 113 x 254 1.33" x 2.99" 6,574  
White 37 x 84 0.44" x 0.99" 2,045  
White 56 x 127 0.66" x 1.49" 3,143  
White 75 x 169 0.88" x 1.99" 4,214  
White 94 x 212 1.11" x 2.49" 5,337  
White 113 x 254 1.33" x 2.99" 6,566  
Blue (various shades) 60 x 152 0.70" x 1.79" 3,214 Image at the top left of this page


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