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Getting Started

International projects bring advisors and volunteers to developing countries. As an advisor or volunteer, you provide technical assistance, education, healthcare, or community services, or you lend a hand on scientific research projects.

Thousands of advisors and volunteers travel for project-related work each year. They go for as little as one week or as long as six months, and come away enriched far more than by a tourist vacation.

Do I Qualify?

Civil Governance Seminar in Kenya   V. Roberts/UNDP

The key requirements are a desire to explore the world and a spirit of adventure. Really!

The particular projects available to you and the financial arrangements depend on your skills and experience, but most people are able to undertake some form of international project.

Our Matching Service links you directly with the organizations that best match your particular background and interests.

Who Pays?

The Financial Issues vary widely depending on your skills and experience.

  • Projects using highly qualified people with senior-level experience often pay a salary.
  • Many projects funded by governments, corporations, or foundations send experienced people on a pro-bono basis - you donate your time and the project covers your expenses and a small stipend. (This is how the Peace Corps works, except that Peace Corps projects run two years.) Some technical development projects will even cover the expenses of a spouse.
  • People with limited skills or experience have access to a wide range of projects where the costs are paid by the volunteer, or through fundraising efforts.
See our Financial Issues page for more details.

What About Safety?

This and other issues are addressed on our Key Questions page.

How We Work

Volunteer in East Africa   GSC photo

We connect you with field organizations that recruit advisors and volunteers for international projects. This is done mainly through our Matching Service. Field organizations oversee the project, confirm the specifics of the project and your qualifications, handle travel and local arrangements, and typically employ local staff to assist you on-site.

We also provide extensive information and products to help you select and carry out your project.

Things We Don't Do

If you are interested in other facets of volunteerism not covered by us, we have links to resources that better address your interests. If you want to:

Finally, we do not connect you directly with organizations in developing countries that are seeking assistance. For first-time advisors and volunteers, the logistics of working directly in developing countries are daunting. We feel that the field organizations provide a valuable service in making these project happen. However, if you want to connect directly with organizations requesting assistance, visit our Direct Assistance page.

About Us

International Opportunities is a private organization operated by Clint Goss and Vera Shanov.

Funding for this site and our efforts is exclusively from the sale of products and materials which assist advisors and volunteers on international projects.

We are not a charitable organization and do not accept monetary donations (and don't expend time and money soliciting donations and justifying our value to donors). We accept no advertising and do not sell your information or make it available to others for their use.

We believe that a donation of your time to share your skill is more rewarding than a monetary donation, both for you and the recipient. When you become an advisor or volunteer on an international project, you choose where and to whom you deliver assistance. You directly see the results of your efforts and can evaluate them for yourself. You also gain friends and experiences that a monetary donation can never provide.

If you wish to support our efforts:

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