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Visions in Action offers 6 and 12 month volunteer positions in five African countries and Mexico.

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Six and twelve month positions are available with nonprofit development organizations, research institutes, health clinics, community groups, and news organizations.

The program features a month-long orientation, including intensive language study, followed by a 5 or 11 month volunteer placement.


Volunteers must have an undergraduate college degree, or equivalent experience. No prior overseas experience is required. Couples who volunteer together are welcome. Visions in Action strongly encourages individuals with building, mechanical or trade skills to apply. Participants with children, whether married or not, are placed in special housing outside the Visions group houses.
Volunteers in Burkina Faso must know some French. A special three week French course is provided in Ouagadougou prior to the orientation for those that have had little French previously.
Volunteers in Mexico must know some Spanish. A special three week Spanish course is provided in Cuernavaca prior to the orientation for those that have had little Spanish previously. An additional three week course follows for all volunteers.

Financial Arrangements

Volunteers are required to fundraise the money necessary to cover their expenses while overseas.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Visions In Action
2710 Ontario Road NW
Washington DC 20009

Phone: 202-625-7402

Fax: 202-625-2353

Registration / Application

Volunteers can register by downloading and printing forms from the Visions In Action web site, and then mailing them in.


History: Incorporated in 1988 in the District of Columbia as a not-for-profit organization.

Current age range of advisors: 20 to 74 years

Current average advisor age: 26 years

Field Projects executed: 8 in 2001.

Advisors sent on field projects: 50 in 2001.

Budget: $277,754 (fiscal 1999)

Regional Activitiy: Visions In Action currently has projects in 6 countries in 2 Regions (Africa: 5, Central America: 1)

Mission Statement

Participants in the Visions in Action program support the following precepts:

Grassroots Approach - Development occurs best when we are as close as possible to the standard of living of those we are trying to assist. Therefore, a modest, low overhead, grassroots approach is taken in all that Visions does.

Voluntarism - There is much that can be done in the spirit of true voluntarism giving of oneself and making personal sacrifices for the betterment of others, expecting nothing in return.

Community - Development occurs best in a community of inspired, informed individuals, living together and supporting one another throughout the volunteer experience.

Self Reliance - Participants are self-reliant, mirroring the same type of self-reliance that those in developing countries are trying to achieve.

Social Justice - All of our efforts are directed at achieving social and economic justice for those in the developing world.

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