IVS Northern Ireland (IVS-NI)

The Service Civil International affiliate in Northern Ireland.

Full Name: International Voluntary Service - Northern Ireland

Staff of IVS Northern Ireland (IVS-NI) may Update This Information.
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IVS- N. Ireland operates and participates in a number of international and local programmes:
- International Volunteer Projects (18+) 2-3 weeks
- The M/LTV (Medium/Long-Term Volunteer) program places volunteers 21 years and older in 3 to 12 month projects.
- Africa/Latin America Exchange (21+) 2-3 months
- European Voluntary Service - 6-12 months (sending, hosting, ‘in-country’ training)
- Non Violent Social Change Initiative (a social and critical education project (18+)


Generally, you have to be at least 16 to participate in the US workcamps, 18 to participate in a foreign developed country workcamps, and 21 for developing countries. Long term volunteers need to be at least 21 years old. There is no upper age limit except where a project states specific age requirements.

Applicants must apply through the SCI branch in the country in which they reside.

Financial Arrangements

Each branch of the SCI has it's own fee schedule. US / Canada project application fees are $65. All overseas project application fees are $125.
Some short term project hosts ask for an additional contribution to their cause.
You must arrange and pay for transportation to and from the project.

Contact Information


IVS Northern Ireland
122 Great Victoria Street
Belfast BT2 7BG
Northern Ireland

Phone: 44.(0)28 90238147

Fax: 44.(0) 9028244356

Registration / Application

The SCI web site has extensive information on registration. There is a listing of current and upcoming projects at the SCI Camps site.


History: International Voluntary Service Northern Ireland is the autonomous Northern Irish branch of Service Civil International. Founded in 1964 by IVS-Great Britain when they established a local group in Belfast, organising international workcamps and local voluntary activities. In 1970, as a response to the troubles, they set up a Northern Ireland Co-ordinating Committee (later to become an SCI commission) to undertake a programme of children’s holidays and, later, teenage workcamps. In 1987, because of further developments in the work programme, IVS-NI was established as a branch of SCI.

Current age range of advisors: 18 to 65 years

Current average advisor age: 25 years

Field Projects executed: 10 in 2001.

Advisors sent on field projects: 50 in 2001.

Regional Activitiy: IVS Northern Ireland currently has projects in 121 countries in 11 Regions (Africa: 30, Asia: 14, Australia-Oceania: 12, Central America: 4, Caribbean: 13, Eastern Europe: 10, Middle East: 8, North America: 3, South America: 7, Southeast Asia: 6, Western Europe: 14)

Mission Statement

International Voluntary Service ũ Northern Ireland promotes mutual understanding and international solidarity by providing opportunities for voluntary work that seeks to develop a society based on equality and justice.

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