Partners of the Americas

Promoting Community Development and Volunteerism in the Americas

Partners of the Americas links a state or region of the U.S. with an area in Latin America or the Caribbean. For example, Peru is partnered with Texas and Kansas with Paraguay. Peruvian volunteers work directly with their counterpart chapter in Texas to design and carry out training and development projects. Each side of a partnership -- the U.S. chapter and the Latin chapter -- is organized as a private, nonprofit institution in its respective community with by-laws and regularly elected and rotated officers.

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Each partnership focuses on implementing educational and development projects important to the two states or regions involved in the partnership. Opportunities for travel vary widely from partnership to partnership, but are typically 1-2 week service projects. A project may include the travel of a professional who has a specific role in either carrying out or receiving training, technical assistance or other activities of a given project. This is where international travel either to or from the southern or northern chapters takes place.


People who do travel are typically professionals with senior-level experience in a specific area.

Financial Arrangements

A partnership may request limited travel or project assistance support from the Partners of the Americas office in Washington.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Partners of the Americas
1424 K Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-628-3300

Fax: 202-628-3306

Registration / Application

All activity takes place through the local partnerships. These are listed on the Chapter Directory of the Partners web site.


History: Founded in 1964. Incorporated in 1967 in the District of Columbia as a not-for-profit organization.

Budget: $6,693,833 (fiscal 1998)

Total USAID Funding: $922,500 (1999)
Development Education Program: $150,000
Farmer-to-Farmer Program: $772,500

Regional Activitiy: Partners of the Americas currently has projects in 31 countries in 4 Regions (Central America: 8, Caribbean: 10, North America: 1, South America: 12)

Mission Statement

To work together as citizen volunteers from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States to improve the lives of people across the hemisphere.

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