Mission Doctors Association (MDA)

Places volunteers in Mission Hospitals in Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Guatemala. Associated with the Lay Mission-Helpers Association.

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Two service opportunities, long term (3 years) or short term 1 - 3 months.


Physicians must be practicing Catholics and have evidence of completed 12 month residency program. There is no language requirement.

Financial Arrangements

For long term program MDA provides complete sponsorship, airfare, insurance, and a small stipend. Short term volunteers are required to cover these expenses themselves, but in both cases, the hospital provides room and board.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Mission Doctors Association
3424 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90010-2241

Phone: 626-285-8868

Fax: 626-309-1716

Registration / Application

Application forms are available for download on the MDA web site.


History: Founded in 1959.

Current minimum age of advisors: 25 years

Field Projects executed: 5 in 2000.

Advisors sent on field projects: 20 in 2000.

Budget: $117,683 (fiscal 1999)

Regional Activitiy: Mission Doctors Association currently has projects in 4 countries in 2 Regions (Africa: 3, Central America: 1)


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