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An arm of the Land O'Lakes corporation which organizes technical development projects primarily in the agriculture field.

Full Name: Land O'Lakes International Development Division

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Short Term international assignments typically range from two to six weeks in length. Projects are run worldwide, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Africa.


A second language is usually not required as interpreters are provided.

Financial Arrangements

Travel and lodging arrangements are handled by Land O'Lakes and expenses (including travel, meals, lodging, and miscellaneous assignment-related expenses) are reimbursed. Some assignments allow for compensation of your time, and others are conducted on a volunteer basis, meaning that your time will not be compensated. Volunteer or paid assignments depend on the constraints of the particular project. You will be able to note your preferences on the biographical data form as you apply.

Contact Information

Web Site:

E-Mail: Diane Bruns

Land O'Lakes International Development Division
PO Box 64406
St. Paul, MN 55164-0406

Phone: 651-634-4292

Registration / Application

Registration is initiated by email. See the Land O'Lakes web site. Current project opportunities are also listed.


History: The Land O'Lakes International Development Division began operating in 1985.

Total USAID Funding: $1,201,334 (1999)
Cooperative Development Program: $683,334
Farmer-to-Farmer Program: $518,000

Regional Activitiy: Land O'Lakes currently has projects in 13 countries in 6 Regions (Africa: 3, Asia: 1, Central America: 2, Eastern Europe: 5, Middle East: 1, Southeast Asia: 1)

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to adapt Land O'Lakes proven food systems expertise to create profitable businesses and drive economic growth worldwide.

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