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A member of the network of Institute for Cultural Affairs affiliates. Places individuals mostly from the Netherlands in long-term development projects in developing countries worldwide.

Full Name: Institute for Cultural Affairs - Netherlands

Staff of ICA - Netherlands may Update This Information.
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Development projects run a minimum of 6 months. Preparation program includes training in project skills and facilitation methods.


Please check with ICA Netherlands for current qualifications and requirements.

Financial Arrangements

The fee for this program covers the preparation, but participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Host organizations provide housing and food.

Contact Information

Web Site:


PO Box 110
NL-6700 AC Wageningen
The Netherlands

Phone: (31 317) 417 756

Fax: (31 317) 417 781

Registration / Application

Check the ICA Netherlands web site for current application procedures.


History: Founded in 1977 in The Netherlands.

Regional Activitiy: ICA - Netherlands currently has projects in 12 countries in 5 Regions (Africa: 5, Asia: 2, Central America: 2, Middle East: 1, South America: 2)

Mission Statement

To train volunteers and identify placements for them to work and live with ICA projects or affiliated organizations around the globe, preferably in development countries;
To promote participative methods;
To sub-contract ToP licenses to consultancies in The Netherlands, that organize seminars and training initiatives that encourage participation and sustainable development;
To network with ICA-International and other ICAI network members.

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