ICA - Japan

A member of the network of Institute for Cultural Affairs affiliates. Dispatches Japanese technical advisors and sponsors international study tours in developing countries worldwide.

Full Name: Institute for Cultural Affairs - Japan

Staff of ICA - Japan may Update This Information.
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Please check with ICA Japan for current qualifications and requirements.

Contact Information

Web Site:


ICA Japan Global Partnership Centre
Seijo 2-38-4-102
Tokyo 157

Phone: (81-3) 3416-3947

Fax: (81-3) 3416-0499

Registration / Application

Check the ICA Japan web site for current application procedures.


History: Founded in 1970 in Japan.

Regional Activitiy: ICA - Japan currently has projects in 8 countries in 3 Regions (Africa: 3, Asia: 4, Central America: 1)

Mission Statement

To be a network centre for global consciousness change and strengthening the global development network; to actively engage in organizational transformation of community, government, and business; to build partnerships with people in many countries to engage in comprehensive human development in the context of the total needs of planet Earth.

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