Global Service Corps (GSC)

Global Service Corps (GSC) provides cross-cultural learning and community service adventures for adults. Student internships are also available.

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Service projects for 2 weeks to 6 months in Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Thailand. Project focus on environment, health, and education.


Applicants must be at least 20 years old.

Financial Arrangements

Participants pay a fee for their room and board, and are expected to make their own travel arrangements.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Global Service Corps
300 Broadway #28
San Francisco, CA 94133-3312

Phone: 415-788-3666 x128

Fax: 415-788-7324

Registration / Application

Application forms are available for download on the GSC web site.


Advisors sent on field projects: 150 in 2001.

Regional Activitiy: Global Service Corps currently has projects in 3 countries in 3 Regions (Africa: 1, Central America: 1, Southeast Asia: 1)

Mission Statement

Global Service Corps (GSC) provides opportunities for adult volunteer participants to live and work on projects in developing countries. We care about people. We care about the Earth. We learn and we teach.

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