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Individual, International Volunteer Placements

Explorations in Travel provides volunteer work placements for students and adults from all over the world. People looking to spend an extended amount of time in an area, working on a foreign language, developing or using skills that will help in future employment, or who just want a new, challenging experience, will find a volunteer placement an invaluable opportunity. Structured language classes can be incorporated into a placement.

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Placements are available with a variety of schools, conservation organizations, animal rescues and rehabs, rainforest projects, organic farming cooperatives, sea turtle monitoring projects, and agro-forestry projects.


Most sites seek volunteers who are self-motivated, enthusiastic and flexible. In some cases a background in Spanish language is beneficial.

Financial Arrangements

Volunteers are responsible for their transportation and room and board.

Contact Information

Web Site:

E-Mail: John Lee

Explorations In Travel, Inc.
2458 River Road
Guilford, VT 05301

Phone: 802-257-0152

Fax: 802-257-2784

Registration / Application

Volunteers are asked to submit an application, resume, statement of interest and 2 letters of reference. See the EiT web site for more information.


History: Founded in 1991 Explorations in Travel organizes educational travel programs for teachers and their students, most often in Spanish speaking countries.

Current age range of advisors: 18 to 55 years

Current average advisor age: 21 years

Field Projects executed: 23 in 2001.

Advisors sent on field projects: 75 in 2001.

Regional Activitiy: Explorations In Travel currently has projects in 7 countries in 4 Regions (Australia-Oceania: 2, Central America: 3, Caribbean: 1, South America: 1)

Mission Statement

Explorations in Travel's goal is to match qualified people with organizations in need of the time and energy of enthusiastic volunteers. We strive to ensure that volunteers enjoy and learn from their experience at a site and that host sites benefit from the participation of volunteers.

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