Chemonics is a large U.S. consulting firm with extensive experience in developing and emerging-market countries.

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Typically executes long-term projects using staff or experienced consultants.


Consultants need experience overseas and at least five years of professional experience relevant to Chemonics' work.

Financial Arrangements

Most projects are done on a paid consultant basis and last a year or more.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Chemonics International Inc.
1133 20th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Phone: 202-955-3300

Fax: 202-955-3400

Registration / Application

Consultants can submit their resumes by email to


History: Incorporated in 1975.

Regional Activitiy: Chemonics currently has projects in 44 countries in 9 Regions (Africa: 14, Asia: 2, Central America: 5, Caribbean: 2, Eastern Europe: 9, Middle East: 3, North America: 1, South America: 5, Southeast Asia: 3)

Mission Statement

Chemonics is a global company with a name for excellence. For 25 years, we have put our energy and talent to work in pursuit of sustainable economic growth. With offices on five continents and a multinational expert team, our firm is one of the most technically diverse in the industry. Offering services from business to finance, the environment, health, and governance, we help open doors to a better life.

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