CARANA is a large international management consulting company providing services to private firms, governments, and international agencies. Our areas of expertise include: privatization, development of finance and financial markets, international accounting, strategic business planning, investment and export promotion, institutional development, and management information systems.

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A wide variety of projects are undertaken in, Financial Management and Accounting Reform, Sector Restructuring and Privatization , Private Sector Development, Public Sector Reform, and many other areas.


Consultants typically have senior level experience in a specialized area.

Financial Arrangements

Most projects are done on a paid consultant basis and last six months or more.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Carana Corporation
4350 North Fairfax Drive #500
Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: 703-243-1700

Fax: 703-243-0471

Registration / Application

Application for openings is done by resume to an email address listed on the Carana web site. A BioData form can also be downloaded to provide additional information.


Regional Activitiy: Carana currently has projects in 46 countries in 8 Regions (Africa: 7, Asia: 7, Central America: 7, Caribbean: 6, Eastern Europe: 8, Middle East: 2, South America: 7, Southeast Asia: 2)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop a worldwide consulting network that provides high quality, cost-effective services to business, government, and international clients.

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