ARD, Inc.

ARD, Inc. is a privately owned firm that offers consulting services in the United States, developing and transition countries.

Full Name: Associates in Rural Development, Inc.

Staff of ARD, Inc. may Update This Information.
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Offers a wide range of overseas job positions, including short-term assignments for as little as two weeks to several years in highly specialized areas.


Qualifications vary widely from assignment to assignment.

Financial Arrangements

Short-term assignments either carry a salary or are done on an internship basis.

Contact Information

Web Site:


ARD, Inc.
159 Bank Street
Suite 300
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: 802-658-3890

Fax: 802-658-4247

Registration / Application

Assignments are listed and described on the ARD web site. Specific application procedures are given for each position.


History: ARD, Inc., was founded in 1977 as a Vermont corporation by George C. Burrill and James R. Nolfi. Vermont's reputation for leadership in environmental affairs and its heritage of local participatory government embody ARD's ideals. In 1992 we established an office in Washington, D.C., and we continue to add offices around the world.

Regional Activitiy: ARD, Inc. currently has projects in 31 countries in 8 Regions (Africa: 5, Asia: 6, Central America: 5, Caribbean: 3, Eastern Europe: 4, Middle East: 2, South America: 3, Southeast Asia: 3)


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