Amigos de las Américas

Amigos de las Américas organizes service-focused trips to Latin America. Planned projects for 2002 will be in Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

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Programs run 4 to 8 weeks and typically deal with constuction, family nutrition, health education, home improvement, and youth groups, education and leadership.

The objective of the construction-oriented projects is to improve the home environment of families and help families live in a healthier, cleaner area to ultimately cut down on sicknesses.


Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and have completed the sophomore year of high school. They must also have completed at least two years of high school Spanish or Portuguese, or the equivalent.

Financial Arrangements

The cost is approximately $3,500, which includes international airfare. Fundraising is optional, but highly recommended, and may complete the amount in full. Fundraising materials are provided and some financial assistance is available.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Amigos de las Américas
5618 Star Lane
Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: 800-231-7796 or 713-782-5290

Fax: 713-782-9267


History: Incorporated in 1965 in Texas as a not-for-profit organization.

Current age range of advisors: 16 to 22 years

Field Projects executed: 11 in 2001.

Advisors sent on field projects: 550 in 2001.

Budget: $2,478,362 (fiscal 1999)


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